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Queen Elizabeth Has Been “Complaining” That Kate Middleton Needs to Do More Royal Work



According to Life & Style, Queen Elizabeth thinks Kate Middleton needs to increase the number of public engagements she attends on behalf of the royal family. “The queen has been complaining that Kate is spending too much time at home,” an insider recently told the magazine.

“She even took Prince William aside and asked him to talk to Kate about doing more royal work,” the source revealed.

Earlier this month, the Queen announced her husband, Prince Philip, 95, is retiring from all public duties starting this fall. Because of her advanced age, the 91-year-old monarch is too scaling back on her work — and hopes William and Kate will pick up the slack.

“Prince George is about to start school and Kate and William employ a full-time nanny, so the queen thinks there’s no excuse for Kate not to step up,” the royal insider said.

“[The Queen] knows that when Kate simply shows up to an event it increases awareness for a cause,” the source continued.

Furthermore, Queen Elizabeth is worried about Kate’s reputation in the British press — she’s unfortunately been nicknamed the “Duchess of Do-Little.”

“The queen hates negativity about her family,” the insider added. “She expects Kate and William to get more involved.”


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