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Fans Go In on Kendall Jenner for Seemingly Photoshopping Her Latest Selfie


Did she or didn’t she? Kendall Jenner took to Instagram on Wednesday, Nov. 29, to share a mirror-pic selfie in which she’s seen flaunting her fit frame in an itty-bitty yellow bikini. While she looks great, the 22-year-old model’s curvaceous bottom has fans convinced she used Photoshop to give her butt a boost.

peaches and the mangos

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“WTF that’s not her body,” one follower wrote, while another noted the suspicious curve in the lounge chair behind her: “Wow obvious photoshop right here. Kendall’s butt isn’t that big. And look at the way the chair is curved! OMG.”

One fan asked the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star if she digitally enhanced her derriere to compete with her more voluptuous sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. “Kendall why do you use photoshop like this? Bc you wanna be Kim or Kylie?” they wrote. “Just be yourself! Your natural beauty is why you’re the supermodel in the fam.”

Kendall, who captioned the photo “peaches and the mangos,” has yet to comment on the claims. As fans are well aware, this isn’t the first time the brunette beauty has ignited Photoshop rumors on social media. Back in October, Kendall posted a gratuitous booty snap, but was immediately slammed after fans noticed something seemed off with the walls behind her: the left wall appeared to be significantly higher than the right.


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“Stop editing yourself,” one fan wrote at the time. Added another, “TBH it’s really sad that gorgeous skinny girls like Kendall even feel the need to Photoshop their pics. It’s also dangerous because of the unrealistic body standards it sets for younger girls.”

While most figured Kendall’s backside looked particularly perky because of Photoshop, some speculated that she went under the knife to achieve her noticeably rounder rump. “When did you get your butt done?” and “Is that yours?” some commenters asked. “How many injections did it take to get a butt like that?” questioned another.


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