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Brad Pitt Hit Rock Bottom — Slept on Friend’s Floor After Angelina Jolie Split!


Seven months after news that Brangelina was calling it quits surfaced, Brad Pitt is finally opening up in his first post-split interview.

The father-of-six looks gaunt and heartbroken on three covers of GQ Style, where he blamed himself for the end of his marriage to Angelina Jolie and revealed how he is coping with his divorce, which he compared to “death.”

“It was too sad to be [home] at first, so I went and stayed on a friend’s floor, a little bungalow in Santa Monica,” he said of his living arrangements. “I crashed over here a little bit, my friend [David] Fincher lives right here. He’s always going to have an open door for me, and I was doing a lot of stuff on the Westside, so I stayed at my friend’s house on the floor for a month and a half.”

Along with admitting to being unable to sleep at home, Brad, 53, also blamed his drinking for the split.

“I mean I stopped everything except boozing when I started my family,” the Fight Club actor said. “But even this last year, you know — things I wasn’t dealing with. I was boozing too much. It’s just become a problem. And I’m really happy it’s been half a year now, which is bittersweet, but I’ve got my feelings in my fingertips again. I think that’s part of the human challenge: You either deny them all of your life or you answer them and evolve.”

He continued, “I hit the lottery, and I still would waste my time on those hollow pursuits.”

Right now, Brad is determined on getting his life back on track — and is putting his kids Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 10, and eight-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne first.

“This house was always chaotic and crazy, voices and bangs coming from everywhere, and then, as you see, there are days like this: very…very solemn,” he said. “And it’s hit me smack in the face with our divorce: I gotta be more. I gotta be more for them. I have to show them. And I haven’t been great at it.”

Angelina, 41, also opened up about her decision to end her marriage and agreed that the couple is putting their kids’ interests first.

“We are a family, and we will always be a family. We will get through this time and hopefully be a stronger family for it,” the actress told BBC News. “As we said, we are and forever will be a family. That is how I’m coping. I’m coping with finding a way through that somehow this makes us stronger and closer.”


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