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Kim Kardashian’s Birthday: Reality Queen Turns 34 — Pics

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kim-kardashian-drop-dead-gorg-oct-9-gettyKim Kardashian turns 34 on October 21 — wish the reigning queen of reality television a happy birthday!

Haters can hate all they want, but Kim Kardashian has created a veritable empire for herself and her family. Sure, some of the things she does might be ridiculous (her upcoming book of selfies, anybody?), but anyone who says that they wouldn’t gladly make an iPhone game centered around their lives for a $200 million paydayis a lying liar. Kimmy K turns 34 on October 21, so let’s celebrate her entrepreneurial spirit, her ridiculousness, and her bangin’ curves!

Kim Kardashian’s Birthday: Reality Queen Turns 34 On October 21 — Pics

Kim only gets more successful with each coming year — we won’t blame her if she starts swimming in her money, Scrooge McDuck-styl

She’s basically living out a fairy tale dream, right now; this year, she wasfeatured on the cover of Vogue alongside then-fiancé Kanye West, 37, before theytied the knot in a truly extravagant wedding in Florence, Italy.

Her baby girl, North West, is now 16 months old and growing every day. Kim and her daughter frequently match their outfits, and it’s pretty adorable. A budding fashionista, North even spent some time in the front row at Paris Fashion Week this year!

However, the family still tries to keep it as normal as possible — in anticipation of Halloween, the Kardashian-Jenner clan hit up a pumpkin patch where North was even walking all by herself!

Kim Kardashian: Hate On Her Haters, But She’s Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Kim has faced a lot of criticism her role in the glorification of celebrity and excess; however, Kim gives 10 percent of her hefty earnings to charity and she has shown girls everywhere that they don’t need to be thin, blonde, white, and 5’10” to be confident in themselves and to be considered beautiful by society.

She’s done some pretty crazy things for money, but at least Kim’s not hateful. In her iPhone game, you can date and marry members of the same sex! You guys, there are reality TV stars out there molesting their children, and business owners investing in organizations that try to brainwash gay people into being straight. Let’s gain some perspective, here: Kim just likes to show off her butt and boobs and take selfies all day!

For those reasons and more, we respect Kim’s hustle and laugh with her in her more ridiculous ventures and wish her the happiest 34th birthday. It’s important to support your fellow ladies!kim-kardashian-gallery-21-ffn kim-kardashian-gallery-20-ffn kim-kardashian-gallery-19-ffn kim-kardashian-gallery-17-ffnFollow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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