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Ronda Kamihara: Kris Jenner Crying Over Bruce Jenner’s New Girlfriend

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brucNow that Bruce Jenner is dating Kris Jenner’s ex-BFF, Ronda Kamihira, the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has reportedly been crying every night over their relationship!

Bruce Jenner, 64, and Kris Jenner, 58, may be on their way to divorce, but his new relationship is hurting Kris deeply. Bruce has been dating Ronda Kamihira, Kris’ ex-BFF of 20 years, and it’s left Kris feeling totally betrayed and “crying every night,” reports TMZ.

Ronda Kamihira: Kris Jenner ‘Crying Every Night’ Over Bruce Jenner’s Girlfriend

Kris feels “humiliated and played” by Bruce and Ronda’s new relationship, says TMZ. That’s no huge surprise, considering Ronda was Kris’ friend for over 20 years!

It’s difficult not to imagine that Ronda was using her status as a confidant to gain information about how to win Bruce’s heart (and other parts), and as a source previously revealed to, that’s exactly what Kris feared.

The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch has yet to confront Bruce or Ronda about the relationship, reports TMZ, because she’s just too upset. She doesn’t necessarily care whether or not they have sex, but the fact that they’re dating out in the open given Ronda’s close relationship with the whole family is just embarrassing — “appalling,” even — for Kris and the whole family. Ronda has even gone on vacations with the Kardashian family! It must make Kris wonder when Ronda and Bruce’s relationship really started.

Kris Jenner ‘Absolutely Livid’ That Bruce Jenner Moved On So Quickly

Kris is totally “torn apart and angry,” says TMZ’s source. As‘s source previously echoed, Kris is also “absolutely livid” that Bruce moved on so quickly — especially since he moved on to her best friend.

Generally, we’d say that it’s within Bruce’s right to do whatever he likes with his life now that he and Kris are separated and have filed for divorce. However, this is a totally different situation — it’s no wonder that Kris feels betrayed!kris-jenner-bruce-jenner-split-ftr kris-jenner-bruce-jenner-gty-2Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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