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Robert Pattinson: What FKA Twigs & Ex Kristen Stewart Do That Turns Him On

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robertRobert Pattinson is in midst of a new hot romance with FKA twigs, and has learned EXCLUSIVELY what it is that both FKA and his ex Kristen Stewart do that turns him on.

What is it about FKA twigs, 26, that made Robert Pattinson, 28, fall in love again? Well, it turns on that the singer has a lot in common with his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart, 24. A source reveals to EXCLUSIVELY that because FKA and Kristen share a fierce attitude and other similarities, Rob is falling head over heels for the singer!

FKA Twigs & Kristen Stewart Similarities — How They Both Turn Rob On

“She’s [FKA] a very powerful woman,” a source dished to EXCLUSIVELY. “She just has this presence and this don’t give a f**k attitude, just like Kristen has.”

We’ve learned that FKA and Kristen have more than just their sassy and confident attitude in common.

“In a lot of ways T and Kristen are very similar,” our source continued. “They’re both kind of tortured souls, they don’t care about fame or being well liked, they’re both extremely passionate and obsessive when it comes to their work. All of those things are huge turn ons for Rob.

FKA has admitted she’s a tomboy, just like Kristen! Sounds like Rob has a type! Either that, or he still harbors some feelings for Kristen!

Rob and FKA’s relationship may be in for the long haul, especially since FKA is very serious about relationships.

“She’s not the type to take a relationship lightly,” a source told HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY. “She takes a commitment very seriously, and above all else, she is a very loyal person.”

As long as Rob is happy, we’re happy! FKA and Rob seem to be really good for each other.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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