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Harry Styles & Taylor Swift: Is ‘I Love You’ Song Really About Her? — Truth

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taiAfter Alex & Sierra released the Harry Styles-penned ‘I Love You,’ Haylor fans everywhere were dying to know — is the song about Taylor Swift? has the EXCLUSIVE truth.

Who knew that Harry Styles, 20, was such a talented songwriter? He was behind Alex & Sierra‘s super romantic “I Love You” song, but was it about Taylor Swift, 24? As a recent report alleged, yes. But is that really the full story? has the EXCLUSIVE truth on whether Harry has turned the tables by writing a song about Taylor!

Harry Styles’ ‘I Love You’ About Taylor Swift? – Truth Behind Alex & Sierra Song

Is “I Love You” about Taylor? “It is not, it’s just coincidence,” a source close to the situation revealed to EXCLUSIVELY. “Harry wrote the song with Alex & Sierra on his mind and what he saw in their relationship, not Taylor.

“He doesn’t want to extend the whole Taylor Swift thing, he’s past that whole ordeal and wants people to move on.”

Too bad — we’re always hoping for a Haylor reunion! Considering that Alex & Sierra’s “I Love You” was released prior to Taylor’s Harry-inspired “Out Of The Woods,” it would have warmed the cockles of our Haylor-loving hearts to see “Out Of The Woods” having been released as a reaction, of sorts, to “I Love You.” Of all the singles to choose, right?

Simon Cowell Wanted Harry Styles To Work With Alex & Sierra

Simon Cowell loves Alex & Sierra and loves their story and their love for each other,” our source continues. “Simon made sure that they met all the One Direction guys — including Harry — during the time they performed on the show and afterwards because Simon believed they would be great for each other.

“Simon was eager for them to all work together after Alex & Sierra won the show, especially since one of Alex & Sierra’s best performances was a One Direction song.

“So, it was just the right thing to do in Simon’s eyes to have Alex & Sierra work with the best.” And Harry is certainly the best! If there’s anything the guys of One Direction know how to do, it’s how to make songs (and money).

Fun fact: it’s not actually Harry listed as a songwriter on the track, but alias “Mick Greenberg.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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