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Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran FaceTime From The Toilet — Pic

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karrueche-tran-chris-brown-facetime-from-toiletNow, for your daily dose of class: Karrueche Tran FaceTimed boyfriend Chris Brown from the toilet — and shared the photo on Instagram!

Karrueche Tran, 26, and Chris Brown, 25, have reached a whole new level in their relationship. No, they’re not engaged or anything, but they do FaceTime each other from the toilet! If having a face-to-face convo with your significant other while you’re pooping isn’t romance, we don’t know what is.

Karreuche Tran & Chris Brown FaceTime On The Toilet: She Shares Pic On Instagram

Karrueche posted the hilarious photo to her Instagram on Oct. 18. Our first instinct was to be grossed out, but really, isn’t this what love is? Chris and Kae are soooocomfortable with each other that they can see each other during their grossest and most animal moments. It’s touching, really.

Kae revealed the extent of hers and Chris’ intimacy on the heels of allegations that Chris has been cheating. As a source previously revealed to, Karrueche is always going to be worried about other girls and about his wandering eye.

The girl that Karrueche was worried about in particular, has reported, is up-and-comer Jhene Aiko, 26. She’s definitely Chris’ type!

However, the course of their relationship is smooth once more.

For now.

Karrueche Tran & Chris Brown: Classic Over-Sharers

This is just one in a series of over-shares in Chris and Kae’s relationship; when she kinda-sorta accused him of cheating on Instagram via a cryptic message, he fired back with a video of his own.

So, it’s no surprise that Instagram brings us both the good and the bad from their relationship. (To be clear: The pooping is the good part.)chris-brown-karrueche-tran-11 chris-brown-karrueche-tran-12 chris-brown-karrueche-tran-9 chris-brown-karrueche-tran-10 chris-brown-karrueche-tran-date-gold-tooth-basketball-spl-ftrFollow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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