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Selena Gomez: Did Kris Jenner Tell Her To Lose Weight?

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seliiSelena Gomez has reportedly enlisted Kris Jenner to be her new manager, and it looks like she may be giving Selena advice on how to spice up her image. But did Kris tell Selena to tone up and lose weight?

Kris Jenner, 58, has created an incredibly successful empire by becoming the ultimate manager. However, is she being too hard on Selena Gomez, 22? Kris has reportedly told Selena to lose weight after supposedly taking the role of the starlet’s manager!

Selena Gomez: Did Kris Jenner Tell Her To Lose Weight?

“Kris wants Selena to harden up her body and get a Kate Hudson six-pack and has signed her up for Barry’s Bootcamp, which Kim [Kardashian West] does,” OK! Magazine reports.

If this is true, Kris may want to take a step back. Selena is perfect just the way she is!

“She’s [Kris] giving her tips and advice on everything from surgery to body hair & Selena’s completely in awe.”


“She’s really stepped into Selena’s departing mum’s shoes and is mentoring like she was her own daughter,” the outlet reports. “[Kris] thinks Selena’s got a huge amount of talent and plans on making a ton of money out of managing her.”

Selena Gomez: Her Mom Worried About Kris Jenner’s Influence

Selena’s mom, Mandy Teefey, had served as her manager until April 2014. Now that Selena has struck up a relationship with Kris, Selena’s mom is worried about Kris’s influence on her.

“Mandy understand Selena’s decision to upgrade her management,” a source toldStar. “But she worried about Kris turning Selena into a trashy Kardashian.”

Mandy even thinks that Selena is “under her spell.”

“On the rare occasion when Mandy does talk to her daughter, it’s ‘Kris says this’ and ‘Kris thinks that’ — Selena is completely under her spell.”selena-gomez-jimmy-kimmel-live-fashion-5 selena-gomez-jimmy-kimmel-live-fashion-4 selena-gomez-jimmy-kimmel-live-fashion-2 selena-gomez-jimmy-kimmel-live-fashion-3Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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