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Iggy Azalea Bashes ‘Maxim’ For Using Sexy 2011 Photo Of Her

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rs_634x831-141016154835-Bz-j3bgCYAEnRgCIggy’s appearance has become the center of controversy yet again. The Australian rapper fittingly graced the cover of ‘Maxim Australia’s’ 2014 Maxim Hot 100 list, but something is off — the image of her is from 2011!

Iggy Azalea, 24, is one fired-up hottie! She nabbed the number one spot and cover for Maxim Australia‘s list of the hottest hundred women. But after seeing an old picture of herself emblazoned on the magazine’s cover, Iggy fired shots at her Australian management team via Twitter.

Iggy Azalea On Maxim Hot 100: Rapper Bashes Magazine For Using Older Photo

The blonde bombshell took to Twitter on Friday, Oct. 17. to slam the Australian division of her label for allowing Maxim to use an old image of her on the cover. It’s crazy to think that she was just 21 years old when this sexy picture was snapped!

Now it appears Iggy has more than one problem with her team!

“This morning I see you’ve allowed Maxim Australia to buy an image from a 2011 Complex mag shoot and put it on the cover.”

But just when you thought Iggy was being ungracious, she expressed her gratitude:

“I think it’s awesome anyone would want me on the cover of a magazine, but there’s a right way to make that happen and the Australian label clearly aren’t respecting my wishes. A magazine cover deserves an accompanying photoshoot not a reused image.”

“Maxim Australia, thanks for the love and I’m sorry no one asked me. would have love to have given an interview & done a shoot with u guys.”

Iggy Ignites A Twitter Tirade

It seems like poor Iggy has been defending herself a lot lately.

Earlier this week, Snoop Dogg, 42, finally apologized to Iggy after he dissed her several times on social media and called her a “b**ch.”  Snoop said he was sorry to the “Fancy” rapper on Instagram on Oct. 15 and promised that he “won’t do it again.”

Prior to her truce with Snoop, Iggy made it crystal clear that she has no issue defending herself, specifically on Twitter!

Iggy also called out Cosmopolitan for allegedly airbrushing her recent cover for the mag’s August Issue.

The magazine refuted her claims with the following statement: “Cosmo has not ‘slimmed down’ Iggy. It goes against our body love policy to remove inches from anyone’s body – whether it’s a celebrity, a model or a reader appearing in the magazine.”jennifer-lopez-iggy-azalea-booty-44 jennifer-lopez-iggy-azalea-booty-38 jennifer-lopez-iggy-azalea-booty-62 jennifer-lopez-iggy-azalea-booty-45 jennifer-lopez-iggy-azalea-booty-47Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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