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Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Joins Instagram, Already Hard at Work Trying to Change the World

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The 39-year-old actor joined the popular social media site Tuesday just in time for his visit to the United Nations Climate Summit.

Although we’re still waiting to see his selfie skills, DiCaprio already has a wide variety of photos posted to the site, not to mention an impressive 113,000 followers!

So what was the actor’s very first Instagram post? None other than with a United Nations Secretary-General!

“Today, I have the privilege to speak at the United Nations #Climate2014 Summit where world leaders are expected to announce the bold steps they will take to tackle climate change,” he captioned. “Thank you Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.”

While speaking in front of a packed house, DiCaprio discussed the importance of renewable energy for the next generation of Americans. He also showed his support to President Barack Obama who delivered “a strong statement and commitment to #Climate2014.”

“This seems like the perfect setting to join Instagram and share this view from the UN General Assembly,” the actor shared. “What a great honor this is. #Climate2014”

Finally, we couldn’t help but applaud DiCaprio’s involvement at this weekend’s Climate March in New York City. Joined by close friend and actor Mark Ruffalo, the talented movie stars voiced their support for clean energy.

“With @MarkRuffalo & Oren Lyons at the People’s #ClimateMarch for 100% renewable energy for the #100percent,” he captioned. #MomentForAction #IndigenousPeoples #latergram.”

What are you waiting for? Give DiCaprio some love and increase his followers.

It’s going to be quite an informative feed to follow! And you never know, maybe we’ll see some photos of Leo on a yacht? Okay, maybe that’s just wishful thinking. @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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