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Kylie Jenner: Did Her Family Influence Her To Have Plastic Surgery?

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kylie-jenner-gallery-1Kylie’s lips look three times the size as they used to and plastic surgeons tell us that Kylie looks like she’s had fillers in her lips! HollywoodLifers, do you think she really got injectables and is it a good or bad idea?

There’s a lot of pressure in the Kardashian family to look good. Not only does 17-year-old, Kylie Jenner, have big sister Kendall Jenner, 18, as a super model, but her half sister Kim Kardashian, was on the cover of Vogue! Plus, her own mom,Kris Jenner, has had a boob job and facelift on Keeping Up With The Kardashiansand Kim got Botox.

Kylie Jenner: Was She Pressured Into Plastic Surgery By Her Family?

Kylie is a beautiful girl and we’re worried that she’s taking the pressures of Hollywood to an extreme level. She’s not even 18, and she already appears to have altered her face, according to our experts.

If you look at pictures, her face has definitely evolved. Some of that is due to age but you don’t get those kind of lips just from lipstick. Even if she has just had a bit of fillers, that are temporary, it’s still very young to start doing these types of things.

“Yes [she looks like she’s had cosmetic procedures]. Emphatically,” Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer from Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates said. “That is not just lipstick. Her lips look 3 times as wide as they did in the ‘before’ pictures.

But here’s the thing, Kylie would have had to have a parent sign off on her cosmetic procedure, according to cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Yoel S. Shahar: “The legal age for signing a consent for medical treatment whether it is surgical procedure or injectable is 18 years of age. Below that a parent must sign as well.”

In our HollywoodLife Says, Sept. 24, we debated whether we think Kylie had anything done. Our editor-in-chief, Bonnie Fuller, told us that she is shocked by the photos and can’t believe that Kylie’s parents would allow her to do something like this.

We could understand that being in the spotlight, constantly having her picture taken and having beautiful sisters would take its toll. Plus, a source told that Kim told Kylie that there’s nothing wrong with starting these types of cosmetic procedures early.kylie-jenner-kim-look-alike-selfie-sept-23-1 kylie-jenner-long-blue-hair-beauty-ftr
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