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Is Miley Cyrus’ Latest Art Hinting at a Broken Heart? Singer Draws a Sad Alien That Apparently Thinks Too Much—Take a Look!

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rs_560x415-140923115036-1024.miley-cyrus-pre-grammys-2014There’s nothing like a good doodle session to vent your frustrations.

It looks like Miley Cyrus had a lot on her mind recently, at least that’s what was evident after the singer shared one of her latest art creations with fans on Instagram. “early a.m. drawin,” Cyrus captioned the picture, which was a drawing of a crying alien that had numerous thought bubbles surrounding it.

The sad and broken-hearted creature says, “I must go. I will miss yiew,” while thinking things like “why does love make me cry,” “gravity has nothing to do with me falling for you,” and “what are these wet, salty drops coming from my eyes.” (But seriously, there are so many more!)

Is someone suffering from a broken heart?!

She followed with another yet far less emotional alien drawing, but this one wasn’t thinking anything about love and instead just occupied itself by blowing bubbles.

Miley has definitely been feeling artsy lately, and most recently made a hilarious contribution to the meme world when she got the idea to Photoshop her baby head onto 13 of her raunchiest concert pics, music video stills and other photos from recent months. The 21-year-old pop star decided to make the memes after she found a silly childhood pic of herself rolling her eyes to make a funny “over it” expression.

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