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Justin Bieber: Making All The Right Selena Gomez Relationship Moves

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justinJustin, we have to say that we’re impressed by the new romance leaf that you’ve turned over with Selena. Going to church, taking cooking classes, and publicly admitting that Sel is your girlfriend is exactly what you should be doing!

Justin Bieber, 20, you must finally be making longtime, on-again girlfriend Selena Gomez, 22, a very happy young lady!

Justin Bieber: Finally Making All The Right Moves In Selena Gomez Relationship

After two years of ups and downs and lots of other female friends, it appears that you are finally settling into a committed relationship with Selena.

You and Selena attended mass at Hillsong Church this past weekend on Sept. 21, and prayed together in the front row. Selena was so comfortable with you, she even rested her head on your shoulder at one point in the service.

Just a few days before that, you posted a super cute video of yourself cooking dinnerwith Selena, and we learned that you two have been taking cooking classes together.

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The classes were a gift and we hear that you’re both loving them. “A chef has been coming to the house to teach them how to make different dishes … Selena is planning on having a dinner party and wants to make all the food on her own, with Justin’s help,” an insider close to Selena

Going to church and taking cooking classes are exactly the kind of fun, “normal” activities that a real-world couple should do together.

And before that, you two went hiking on a sunny Sunday, Aug. 16, went on a cozy movie date on Aug. 11, and also took aCanadian vacation to spend time with your family, including your younger sister,Jazmine, 5, and brother, Jaxon, 4.

We also are impressed by how much time you two are spending together. Just like normal, young non-celeb couples who are in love, you’re spending most of your free time with each other.

Justin, you took Selena to meet your pal Floyd Mayweather, 37, and watch his last big Las Vegas bout on Sept. 12. And you and Selena even threw a small party together at the Lucky Strike bowling alley for Justin’s longtime friend Ryan Butler on Sept. 14.

Justin, these kind of activities are a fabulous far cry from much of what you had been up to for months — getting into altercations with paparazzi, getting arrested for allegedly driving under the influence, drag racing, and egging a neighbor’s house, as well as having many romantic doings with variousother women, including Yovanna Ventura, 18, and Chantel Jeffries, 20.

Justin Bieber: You Seem Healthy & Happy With Selena Gomez

It’s so refreshing to see you sweetly romancing Selena, the woman who has never stopped lovingyou through all your misadventures. Not only that, you appear to have done a total 180 on your formerly party-focused lifestyle.

You have totally buffed up with plenty of gym visits and jump rope routines. You’ve gone fishing, been hanging out with your mentor Usher, 35, your friend Cody Simpson, 17, and you’ve even been picking up a guitar — are we going to hear some new music soon?

All in all, it’s a healthy transformation and your recommitment to Selena is at the center of it. You’ve described Selena as your girlfriend in a deposition with lawyers, and we even hear that you and Selena are planning to move in together. Now that’s commitment!

Justin, you look healthy and happy in all of your latest photos. Clearly being with the woman you’ve called a “dream,” is taking your life to the next level!

So kudos to you, Justin, for making all the right romance moves with Selena. Isn’t it so much better to be with one amazing woman, than to hop from one meaningless flirtation to another?Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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