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Beyonce Proves Blue Ivy Pregnancy Wasn’t Fake: Reveals Naked Baby Bump

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beyonce-jay-z-pregnant-with-blue-ivy-4Hoping to finally put the haters to rest, Beyonce and Jay Z revealed intimate new video from her first pregnancy with Blue Ivy Carter — including a shot of the superstar completely nude!

Beyonce, 33, and Jay Z, 46, shared very personal never-before-seen footage of their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, during their “On The Run” tour. Included in the footage is a very short glimpse of Beyonce topless with a huge baby bump, clearly towards the end of her pregnancy, which disproves the speculation that she was “never” pregnant with their baby girl. Good for you, Bey!

Beyonce Bares Nude Baby Bump In ‘Throwback’ Footage From Blue Ivy Pregnancy

Now what, haters?

Despite the fact that Beyonce and Jay choose to live a very, very private life away from the cameras, they used their “On The Run” tour to share some very special moments with their worldwide fan base.

Some of that footage highlights the first two years of their daughter’s life, showing every moment from Beyonce’s pregnancy, to the delivery room, to her first steps.

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In the video above, Beyonce and Jay Z perform their last song of the tour — “Forever Young” followed by “Halo” — and when the song changes around the 3:55 mark a close-up of a naked baby bump appears on the giant screen behind them. How sweet!

As the video pans out, revealing a naked Beyonce with Jay’s arms wrapped around her pregnant belly from behind, the couple are positively glowing as they re-live what has to be the best moment of their relationship — Blue Ivy’s arrival.

This shot alone disproves many fan theories that Beyonce was never pregnant with Blue Ivy, especially because there is avideo of her sitting down while pregnant with Blue Ivy that makes her bump look a bit weird while she’s sitting down.

The next thing we see is Beyonce laying in a hospital bed and smiling down at newborn Blue Ivy, followed by video of Jay carrying Blue into their home for the first time. In a series of shots from her first few months, we see Blue cooing at her daddy, giggling at the camera, and eventually taking her first steps in a walker as Jay crawls alongside her.

It’s absolutely precious to see!

To watch Beyonce and Jay’s entire performance featuring their own personal family footage, watch the video above.beyonce-jay-z-pregnant-with-blue-ivy-3 beyonce-jay-z-pregnant-with-blue-ivy-2 beyonce-jay-z-pregnant-with-blue-ivy-1Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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