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6 Things We Were Obsessed With While Watching Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On the Run HBO Special

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rs_560x415-140708112748-1024.Jay-Z-Beyonce-JR-7814_copyBest concert ever?!

That’s what most viewers said after watching Beyoncé and Jay Z‘s highly anticipated On the Run special Saturday night on HBO.

The 150 minute plus concert (that was also commercial free!) gave everyone the opportunity to experience the magic and amazingness of the couple’s stadium tour thatwrapped up just one week ago in France.

Although there weren’t any major announcements (she’s not pregnant and no, they aren’t getting divorced), viewers still had plenty of reasons to “Bow Down” to the couple.

For those who missed out or for those who want their Bey and Jay Z love validated, we’re here to help. Here are six things we couldn’t get enough of while watching Saturday night. Beyoncé’s Costumes:  From amazing onesies to long-flowing dresses, Queen Bey consistently looked stunning throughout the show.

And according to fashion designer Michael Costello, the singer was very hands on throughout the entire process.

“She’s such a visual person. She knows exactly what she wants…I have a newfound appreciation for her,” he told E! News exclusively when explaining the Paris wardrobe. “The colors are very beautiful, and the prints are very sparkly. She really does bring a piece to life!”

rs_634x1024-140920200400-634.JayBey-jmd-0920142) Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Chemistry: One minute into the show, we saw the husband and wife kissing in front of the cameras. It only continued throughout the night as they both looked into each other’s eyes on multiple occasions.

The love fest reached an all-time high when they thanked one another for an amazing tour.

“I’m your biggest fan. Give it up for Mr. Carter,” Beyoncé told the crowd. Jay Z replied, “It’s been an honor to share the stage with the woman I love who I think is the greatest entertainer of our time.”

Trouble in paradise? We don’t see it here!

rs_560x415-140817132927-1024.Beyonce-jmd-0817143) Behind-the-Scenes Videos: Where do we even begin with the pre-taped videos shown throughout the night on the big screen?

Whether it was Beyoncé holding onto a gun, Jay Z smoking cigarettes shirtless or Beyoncé’s sexy mug shot, we were glued to the screen in anticipation for what would appear next.

It’s just another way the couple made their shows not just a concert, but an experience.

rs_560x415-140803123734-1024.Beyonce-Jay-Z-On-The-Run.jl.080314_copy4) Hit After Hit After Hit: Whether you like Top 40, hip-hop, R&B or rap, there were songs for every music fan during the show.

From “Crazy in Love” to “99 Problems,” all the couple’s favorites were included.

We also can’t help but applaud the Paris crowd for their enthusiasm throughout the night. Whether doing the “Single Ladies” dance in unison or jumping together during “N–gas in Paris,” that crowd was a devoted crowd. Bravo, ladies and gentlemen!

rs_600x600-140626043537-600.Beyonce-Jay-Z-Wedding-JR1-62614_copy5) Their “Young Forever” Performance: Is it okay to admit we may have become a little emotional while watching this performance?

As the couple performed “Young Forever,” pictures from their wedding day flashed on the screen. We also couldn’t help but notice Jay Z putting his hand around Beyoncé’s back at they watched the footage together.

A truly memorable performance from two unforgettable artists.

rs_600x600-140421141623-600.beyonce-blue-ivy-kiss6) Oh, and Their “Halo” Performance Too: Two words: Blue Ivy!

As Queen Bey performed her hit single, we couldn’t stop staring at the giant screen as we watched her baby girl enjoy birthdays, vacations and playtime with mom and dad.

After watching that, we can only hope baby No. 2 is on the way!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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