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You Have to Watch This Girl Do the Ice Bucket Challenge After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Out

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1y7yscreen-shot-2014-08-21-at-103950-amFor anyone in the world who is thinking about making an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, just donate the money and forget everything else. No one will ever top this Ice Bucket Challenge video. Seriously. Contest over. Competition shut down. We’re done.

After you get your wisdom teeth out, you’re pretty drugged up and out of it, so you should really just sleep or lie low until the drugs wear off. This girl did not do that. She decided to film an Ice Bucket Challenge.

It went as expected. But the problem is that we don’t know what the absolute best part of this video is. Care to help us decide?

• She’s incoherent and near tears
• She’s bleeding from the mouth
• She keeps apologizing to her mom
• She forgets the disease she is supposed to be raising awareness for
• She tells the world she loves them over and over again

It’s all gold. Actually, this is the only GIF you need to see if you an accurate representation of the wondrous gift that is this video:

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