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Selena Gomez’s Mysterious Arabic Writing, Miley Cyrus’s Pet Dedication and Kesha’s Dollar Sign—See Celebs and Their Hot Tattoos!

Published on August 8, 2014 by   ·   No Comments are an art form that we use to express ourselves to others, whether it’s a tribute to a loved one or an inspirational quote. And sometimes they just don’t make any sense…no matter how you look at ’em.

There are many different celebrities who are addicted to tattoos, including Harry Styles(who has upwards of 40 tattoos all over his body). He’s even admitted recently that he regrets getting some of them done—but hey, haven’t we all done something that we regret in our youth?

Can you guess which celebrity started a trend in tattoo parlors across the country after getting her unique foot design? Or which singer paid tribute to a deceased pet and the Beatles by inking her body? And what performing artist got a small symbol to remind her of what she refers to as “the best time of my life”—when she was flat broke?

From Lady Gaga‘s body art (we can’t decide which is crazier—the spot on her body that she got the tattoo or the circumstances under which she got it done), to Selena Gomez‘s latest ink, click on the photos below to see more celebs and their hot tattoos!

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