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Lady Gaga Does Her Best American Girl Doll Impression—See the “Elegant” Look!

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rs_634x1024-140708093812-634.Lady-Gaga-JR-7814Call us crazy, obsessed collectors, but doesn’t Lady Gaga look exactly like Samantha Parkingtonthe first (and obviously best) of the American Girl dolls?

At first we couldn’t understand why the “G.U.Y” singer would don a carbon copy of something the Edwardian era beauty would wear to Christmas Mass with her Grandmary. Then we remembered that Gaga is a child of the ’90s! Of course she worshipped the books, movies and doll catalog.

Though given her edgy spirit, it’s surprising that  she’s a Sam versus Felicity, no?

Normally we would chide this winter white ensemble for being off-season, off-trend and totally ridiculous. But since it’s taken us right back to the catalog we craved every single Christmas, we’ll let the style slide. To be fair to the “Applause” artist, the outfit would make perfect sense as a housecoat to welcome guests just before a holiday party…100 years ago.

But for now, we will worship it as a genius style reference to our girl Samantha and spend the rest of the day desperately trying to figure out if Gaga had her personal seamstresses copy the entire American Girl clothing collection.

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