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Miley Cyrus: Stop Dissing Selena Gomez

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mileyMiley, it was so uncool for you to publicly diss fellow former Disney star Selena Gomez at your June 8 concert in Milan! Grow up and support girl power!

Miley Cyrus, was it really necessary to diss both a Selena Gomez fan, and Selena Gomez herself, at your June 8 Milan concert? You may have thought it was funny to take a Selena cutout that a fan had brought to your show, and sing your hit song “FU” to it’s face. But Miley, that wasn’t funny — it was immature. Even more than that, it was incredibly unsupportive of you to publicly diss a young, female singing star.

 You and Selena Gomez are both Disney prodigies who have known each other for years. You were the star of Hannah Montana and she came to fame in Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena actually even made a few guest appearances on Hannah Montana, so you two go way, way back.

But there is no need for rivalry, Miley. You both had huge success at Disney, where you developed your own enormous fan bases. You still each have your own humongous, devoted fan following, so there’s no need, Miley, for you to feel like Selena’s enemy.

That’s why I don’t understand why you decided to make such a mean-spirited move on stage. You knew that videos and pictures of your Selena “FU” diss would be spread around the world.

If anything, you should be supportive of Selena, Demi Lovato and your other Disney compatriots. You all have so much in common, even besides your history of growing up at Disney. You all are under similar pressures to produce hit singles and albums and sell out world tours.

You all understand what that incredible pressure feels like, and what a toll touring can take on your energy and your physical and psychological health. Going on a world tour is like running a marathon every single day, but with the added stress of having to do oodles of promotional press, on top of performing.

Miley Cyrus — Take A Cue From Selena Gomez & Get Back On The High Road

Then there’s the all-important communication with fans that you have to do every day. Being a star like you, Miley — or like Selena — requires as much work as running a Fortune 500 company.

It would be terrific if you could be friends and be able to share your thoughts, worries, burdens and many experiences with each other, because you each “get it.” But instead of empowering yourself and Selena with friendship, you chose to attack her with venom. SO not cool, and such a wasted opportunity for camaraderie.

For her part, Selena was disappointed, but not surprised. “Selena already knows that Miley will do anything for attention, even if it means dissing other people,” an insider source exclusively. Selena would never stoop to this kind of behavior, the source told us — good for her!

We’re glad that Selena is taking the high road after your diss. But Miley, why don’t you try to get back on it, too? Apologize to Selena, publicly and privately, and your fans will respect you for it. I know we sure will.

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