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Which Disney Princess Is Richest? Find Out!

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Disney princesses work too hard to be ballin’ on a budget. But which princess is ruling over the biggest bank account? Virgin Money evaluated the assets and incomes of all 11 official ladies.

Here are the results, converted from British pounds and rounded to the nearest dollar.

11. Pocahontas

Occupation: Daughter of Chief Powhatan, Member of the Powhatan Tribe
Expenses: Just around the riverbend, everything is FREE(!!!). Which is good because Pocahontas seemingly has no money. Her only inheritance is her mother’s free spirit.
Total Worth: $0

10. Mulan

Occupation: Soldier in the Chinese Army
When you get down to business to defeat the Huns, your annual salary is in the ballpark of $9,830, with all living expenses covered by the army. Mulan was also gifted Shan Yu’s sword, which, when declared, would be about $2,750.
Total Worth: $12,582

9. Cinderella

Occupation: Domestic Servant, Princess
The average yearly salary for a scullery maid is about $25K. If you factor in the ball gown and glass slippers she got gratis from her fairy godmother, that adds somewhere around $16,750 to her worth.
Total Worth: $41,870

8. Snow White

Occupation: Scullery Maid, Princess
 Snow was forced into maidhood by the queen, but were she to earn a salary as a live-in maid to, say, seven dwarves, she should ask for around $60,185. Managing Dopey and Sleepy and Grumpy and them would teach her to budget, which would help her be fiscally responsible.
Total Worth: $60,000 (We’re expensing a few tubes of red lipstick.)

7. Tiana

Occupation: Restaurateur
Unlike the other princesses, Tiana has no chance at an inheritance. Instead, her sole paycheck comes from her NoLa restaurant, which would be about $78,575.
Total Worth: $78,575

6. Ariel

Occupation: Mermaid
Our littlest mermaid has accumulated a collection of whozits and whatzits, as well as thingambobs and gizmos and gadgets. If you look at each item though, you’d see she has silver candlestick holders, first edition books, and other antiques that could fetch a pretty penny at auction.
Total Worth: $84,583

5. Belle

Occupation: Unemployed
Belle’s worth is factored based on the jewelry that she owns, estimated to be worth approximately $1,250,500. Her main expense is books. If she reads for 12 hours a day, they guestimate she’ll read 150 books a year. If each book costs around $13.85, she will spend $2,079.75.
Total Worth: $1,252,586

4. Aurora

Occupation: Princess
In the fairy tale, the Sleeping Beauty sleeps for 100 years. If you put 3 percent interest on an untouched inheritance of $167,180, she would wake to $3,212,971. If she maintains the principles she learned from her humble upbringing, she will also probably be frugal with that money.
Total Worth: $3,212,971

3. Merida

Occupation: Princess, Archer 
Virgin Money creates a hypothetical modern-day career for Merida, in which she becomes a gold medal-winning Olympic archer, which would earn her approximately $14,812. And then the endorsement deals come, netting another $5 million.
Total Worth: $5,031,031

2. Rapunzel

Occupation: Princess
Once again, Virgin Money estimates that Rapunzel’s 70 feet of hair could be made into $13,500 worth of extensions. They also factor in a fun L’Oréal endorsement, worth $20 million, but have her dropping $5K on art supplies yearly and $500 on haircuts once a month.
Total Worth: $20,070,125

1. Jasmine

Occupation: Daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah
Expenses: Jasmine has a savings account with many, many zeroes after it. Subtract the cost of caring for a pet tiger ($16K to purchase, about $8K annually for food…and then there’s liability insurance). But it’s Rajah. Worth every penny.
Total Worth: $25,076,999,948,174

That’s trillions with a T. Bye, peasants!rs_560x415-140529123150-mulanmoney rs_560x415-140529123148-cinderellamoney rs_560x415-140529123151-snowwhitemoney rs_560x415-140529123152-tianamoney rs_560x415-140529123146-arielmoney rs_560x415-140529123147-bellemoney rs_560x415-140529123151-sleepingbeautymoney rs_560x415-140529123149-meridamoney rs_560x415-140529123151-rapunzelmoney rs_560x415-140529123149-jasminemoney

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