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Selena Gomez: 14 Of The Sexiest Guys She Should Date Next

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selSelena Gomez is no longer with Justin Bieber so we put together a gallery of other hunky muscular men she could date next that might just treat her a little bit better than the Biebs did.

Selena Gomez, 21 is singel. We don’t know if she’s looking for another man so soon after splitting with ex Justin Bieber but if she is, we’ve created a gallery to help her make up her mind about who she could date next. The two men at the top of our list are Zac Efron, and Liam Hemsworth.

Zac Efron Has Abs For Days?

Zac has the body the ladies would kill for, and although we’s had his run-ins with drugs in the past, he still comes off as a pretty nice guy.

During the MTV Movie Awards he was awarded Best Shirtless Performance. In honor of his award (not really) he had his shirt ripped off on stage, revealing every cut on his chiseled frame, and making every lady in the audience swoon.

We’re pretty sure Selena had to at least hear about his shirtless appearance — if she didn’t see it for herself.

At any rate, Zac’s stacked chest puts him as a front-runner for Selena in our book!

Liam Hemsworth Is Single & Looking

Liam is through with the Miley Cyrus‘ drama and is on to bigger and better things. Rumor has it that he is definitely looking around for his next girl.

The Hunger Games star is twice as beefed up as Bieber is and seems to have his attitude under control way more than Justin.

He’s no egging houses, he’s not speeding or catching DUI charges, and he is certainly not peeing in various odd places on camera.zac-efron-mtv-movie-awards-20141 (2) harry-styles-selena-date-next-sp

If Selena pics Liam — the relationship would already be an improvement.cody-simpson-15-photo-credit-charles-williamliam-hemsworth-birthday-gallery-17 eastwood-selena-date-next-tcountry niall-horan-selena-date-next-ffn nathan-sykes-selena-date-next-getty huterson-selena-date-next-ffn hunter-hayes-selena-date-next-sp douglas-booth-should-date-selena-gomez-gty dave-franco-should-date-selena-ffn max-george-admits-wanted-brokeup-over-1d-rivalry-ffn-ftr greg-sulkin-should-date-selena-gomez-gty taylor-hall-selena-date-next

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