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How to Tell if he’s Totally Into You

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safe_image.phpIt’s not unusual for us girls to bury our heads in the sand when it comes to the state of our relationships and we can often talk ourselves into believing that things are much rosier than they actually are. In the early stages of dating it’s all too common for us to bury any feelings of insecurity and uncertainty we might have about the guys intentions, attributing any niggly doubts to the usual girly paranoia that comes hand in hand with dating.

We can (and invariably do!) spend hours pouring over, analysing and dissecting the things he may have said or done in order to try and establish if he actually really likes us or not. In fact many a ‘girls night’ has been put together just for the sole purpose of discussing such matters with our friends!

What we need to be aware of though is that men are really not that complicated and quite often we should remind ourselves that we don’t need to waste time and energy analysing things too much. If we actually just open our eyes to the black and white of a situation we will see that guys are actually pretty basic communicators.

Generally speaking if a guy really likes you, you will know. Even a guy with the emotional intelligence of a monkey will not be able to disguise their interest in you. It will ooze out of them, even subconsciously. Just because he hasn’t uttered those three little words it’s not to say he’s not totally into you.

Here are our top twenty signs he’s totally into you;

1. He laughs at your jokes – Despite the fact your jokes are often, even by your own admission pretty lame, he ALWAYS laughs.
2. He wants to see you – As opposed to just getting in touch when he’s after something (!) he makes the effort to see you regularly, inviting you to parties and other social events.
3. He actually calls you – You don’t have to wait a nail biting few days after a date, if he is really into you he will call. Come hell or high water, he will call!
4. He wants to show you off – He loves taking you out and about, having you on his arm and showing you off to his friends and family.
5. He pays attention – He listens to what you say and even pays attention when you’re rabbiting on about your friends’ love lives or fashion crisis’s!
6. He compliments you – And not just on the superficial stuff, but on your personality and your character.
7. He’s interested in you – He wants to know all about you and your life, your thoughts and opinions.
8. He makes an effort – Because he is into you it is important to him that you are happy and he knows he has a responsibility to help bring you that happiness
9. He integrates you into his life – He wants you as a regular feature in his life, not just as a ‘bit on the side’ and so he will formulate his daily plans to include you.
10. He reveals the true him – It is because he likes you so much and feels so comfortable being around you that he opens himself up and allows you to know the real him.
11. He steals secret glances – You catch him sometimes just looking at you when he thinks you don’t know. Ahhh, he just can’t get enough of you!
12. He keeps in touch – He wants to stay in regular communication with you, even when he’s on a night out with the lads! A true sign he’s into you given the amount of grief his mates will give him for texting you!
13. He makes plans – He talks about booking concert tickets and holidays that you know are not planned until later in the year. He’s planning on a future together!
14. He remembers you Birthday – And other significant dates and events that are of particular importance to you, like the date you got together!
15. He takes note of what you say – When you say you like something a certain way, he takes a mental note and remembers it in the future, such as when he’s cooking a meal for you or picking out which shirt to wear on your date.
16. He doesn’t ogle other girls – No matter how gorgeous the group of girls at the bar is, he refrains from any rubbernecking! He only has eyes for you.
17. He gets a bit jealous – You can tell from his reaction that he gets a bit jealous when you talk about your guy friends or arrange a night out with your work mates (some of whom are male).
18. He buys you flowers – And other little gifts and treats, not because he has to but because he WANTS to!
19. He doesn’t notice/mind (or at least pretends not to!) the no make-up morning breath – Well, even just pretending to think you’re gorgeous in first thing in the morning should be enough to convince you how into you he is!
20. He’s happy with PDA’s – And doesn’t care who might be watching. He loves surprising you with a quick smooch or hug and wouldn’t consider walking down the street together without holding hands.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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