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Drake Fires Back At Jay Z — Listen To Newest Diss In Feud

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Drake gets a little help from Lil Wayne as he starts round five of the ongoing feud between he and Jay Z. The Canadian rapper fires back at Jay in Lil Wayne’s new song ‘Believe Me’ and man are these lyrics hot. Click to listen to the new track.

Drake, 27, has proven that he can take on Jay Z and still live to fight another day. Lil Wayne dropped a new single called “Believe Me” and it features Drake who simply went in on Hov during his stint on the mic.


Drake Fires Back At Jay Z — Listen To Newest Diss In Feud

The song drops less than a week after Jay spit his verse on Dj Khaled’s new single that was released on April 28 entitled “They Don’t Love You No More.”

rs_560x415-140309180140-1024.Drake-Rihanna-jmd-030914Drizzy let’s it fly when he says on Wayne’s track:

“I’ve been talking shit light, you don’t wanna hear me trip

God damn, do ya’ll really know who you f**kin with?”

Drake & Jay Z Feud Heats Up — Listen To The New Drake’s New Diss To Jay Z

However, Jay has never been one to back down from a challenge. His Dj Khaled verse says it all.

“Haters wanna ball, let me tighten up my drawstring. Wrong sports boy, you know you soft as a lacrosse team.”

In the verse Jay uses the word “soft” which is a word that many have called Drake. Katy Perry has even used the word to describe the “All Me” rapper.


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