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‘RHOA’: Kenya Moore Is Broke & Faking Drama For Cameras

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moreEverything appears to be glamourous in the life of ‘RHOA’ star, Kenya Moore, but sources say that it’s all just an act. Do you think that Kenya is who she says she is?

Kenya Moore, 43, has been making headlines for her starring role on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The show has been all about drama this season, and Kenya was almost always at the center of it. However, we have reason to believe that she might just be faking it all for the cameras in attempt to keep from going broke.

Kenya Moore — ‘RHOA’ Star Under Pressure For Money Woes

Kenya is often spotted rocking luxurious accessories and driving fancy cars, but sources say that almost none of her pricey belongings are actually hers. It’s pretty ironic, because the reality star is constantly bragging about her lavish lifestyle.

In reality, RadarOnline reports that for the filming of the show, “Kenya had a local car dealership in Atlanta give her a really expensive car on loan and then they got the publicity that she was driving a car from their lot.”

The former Miss America says that her lifestyle is maintained by her undisclosed “rich boyfriend,” but a source close to Bravo says that’s flat out not true.

Kenya tried to slam Phaedra for being fake, but it seems that she’s really the dishonest one.

‘RHOA’ Star Kenya Moore — Broke And Faking It For the Cameras

If Kenya really is amping up the drama just for publicity, that’s a low blow to Porsha because if the rumors are true, then she could be sending Porsha to jail just to make money! Could the battery of charges from Kenya’s RHOA reunion brawl with Porsha just be another way to keep her career afloat? After all, Kandi says the fight was rather quick and Kenya was definitely provoking Porsha.

Sources have already shared that several of her business deals have fallen through and that she desperately said yes when she was given the opportunity to compete on Celebrity Apprentice.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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