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Tips and Tricks on How to Cheer Up a Guy

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10151975_621056201342070_8230220138896809958_n15 Tell Him about Your Feelings

Your confession should be heartfelt and sincere enough to move his icy heart. These talks are especially useful in those moments when the cause of his sorrow lies in a relationship. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a problem with family or friends. Besides, confessing your love to him, you are not only making your mutual understanding stronger, but, what is more, you are showing your kind support.

14 Do Not Leave Him Alone

Though he might want to have some time alone, if he’s feeling down, try not to leave him alone. Of course, he will manage to deal with it later on, but with you right behind it will be easier. Seriously, some guys who like to say nothing about their troubles are just like kids waiting to get attention.

13 Suggest Planning a Holiday

Ask him to plan holidays or a weekend getaway for the two of you. Let him make a list of the merriment that you prefer doing together. Let it be a hike in the woods, cart racing or even a tennis match. Such pleasant thoughts and ideas will make him less hung up on his problems. Even if there is nothing that fits your tastes in the list, try to control yourself and agree to what he’s planned for you.

12 You’ve Got Mail

You can always try to cheer up your guy on the phone via a text message or an e-mail using different sorts of suggestions. For example, you can be the one to suggest an evening stroll or an outing to a bowling alley. Usually girls rarely make such proposals. Therefore, a guy will be pleasantly surprised if a girl initiates something fun.

11 Simply the Best

Convince him that he is the best. If the cause of the bad mood is hidden in a failure (he failed an exam, interview or a business), there is a need to show your sincere admiration. Remind him of the examples of his achievements, examples of other people’s failures and do a valid comparison (in his favor). Tell him that he is the most successful guy you have ever met.

10 Arrange a Party for Him

You may invite his best friends to a café or have a party at home. Of course, if you prefer to have a party at home, keeping it a secret might become a problem. Nevertheless, be brave! Remember that it is much easier to forget about problems in the noisy company than “enjoying solitude.”

9 Surprise Him

Do something unexpected, silly or even awkward. For example, buy him a fishing rod or a butterfly net if he likes watching the Discovery Channel. Besides, buying two tickets to a football, basketball, or baseball game, which he may visit with a friend is a goof-proof scheme. Even if you hate sports you can still endure one game, can’t you?

8 Cook Him a Tasty Meal

Everyone knows this simple rule – the way to the heart of any man is through his stomach. So, if you know that he will come home from work in a bad mood, then your task is to cook something very tasty and motivating. If you do not have a special culinary talent, you can order a meal in a restaurant or café. Even an ordinary pizza can trigger a lot of emotions.

7 Relaxation Is Key

Suggest your other half to have a relaxing bath. In addition, it would be even nicer if you can incorporate a gentle massage using aromatic oils – such as lavender, melissa, or sandalwood in addition to the bath. If you are afraid that you aren’t skillful enough, simply watch some YouTube tutorials.

6 Waiting for an Angel

He should be coming to a warm and friendly home. Meet him on the doorstep wearing a smile. Light kisses, warm hugs and not a “hands on hips” pose should become your allies. Men confess that because of such a “warm welcome,” they sometimes do not even want to come back home. So prepare to welcome him with open arms.

5 Learn How to Wait

The so-called “waiting tactic” can become one of the most powerful ways to cheer up a guy. Why is that? Everything is simple –give your boyfriend some time to calm down, so he can share his emotions with you. Keep this in mind: if you try to force him to “spit it out,” he will probably become even more irritated and disappointed. Be patient, learn how to wait, and then listen carefully without interrupting him. Be his support system.

4 Lighten the Mood with a Lovely Message

Sparkling and smart anecdotes in this case can become your lifeboat. You can also send some vulgar humor or funny pictures. Sometimes a guy needs you to force him to talk about a subject that worries him. However, it should be done very carefully, so as not to annoy him. The guy will certainly appreciate your efforts.

3 Dance for Him

Turn on the music that he likes, or that you like. Start from afar, as if you are moving on instant. At first, he might not even notice you. When he will eventually pay attention to you, pretend you do not notice his smile and continue, trying to make him laugh. Afterwards, suggest him to join you on the “dance floor.”

2 Send Him a Picture of the Two of You

Send him one of your favorite pics of you. He will not only want to smile, looking at it, but will try to remember the moment that photo was taken. Happy memories and sensations of your presence will blow him away. Thus, your conversation will go smoothly sharing pleasant heartbeats, and the dark mood will be forgotten.

1 Change the Topic

Try to change the topic of your conversation to another important topic for him. Distract your loved one from the problem. For example, ask about his success in the sports he plays. The main thing here is to choose a topic in which his affairs are splendid and you are well aware of them.

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