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Rihanna & Drake: Real Reason They Didn’t Sit Together At Clippers Game

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drake-and-rihanna-pda-clippers-3Rihanna and Drake showed some sexy PDA at the LA Clippers game on April 9, but then they went their separate ways and didn’t even sit next to each other during the game! has EXCLUSIVELY learned the real reason why RiRi and Drake didn’t want to sit together — and it may surprise you!

Drake and Rihanna have been inseparable ever since they decided to make their relationship exclusive. But the private couple didn’t sit together at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. on April 9 because they didn’t want to put their romance on display, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.


Rihanna & Drake Separate At Clippers Game: Why They Didn’t Sit Together

We couldn’t help but wonder why Rihanna and Drake parted ways after greeting each other with a sweet kiss at the game. Rihanna ended up sitting with some gal pals while Drizzy hung out with his guy friends — and now we know why.

Drake & Rihanna may be back together after they were spotted grinding on each other while singing ‘Take Care’ at Drake’s Paris concert….
Rihanna dumped by Drake on his tour for his old girlfriend Winta’naa, according to a shocking new report – have the truth. Starring Bonnie..

It turns out Drake, who will be hosting the 2014 ESPY Awards on July 16 in Los Angeles, attended the game as a guest of ESPN — so all eyes were definitely on him. But why didn’t he want to share the spotlight with his lady love?

“They didn’t want to be caught on the kiss cam during the game,” a source EXCLUSIVELY.

Well, as much as we would have LOVED to see that, we can understand why Drake and RiRi would want their privacy — even at such a public event.

Drake & Rihanna Show Steamy PDA During Clippers Game

We can tell by the time that Rihanna and Drake did spend together at the game that their relationship is in full swing.

Drake, 27, was photographed wrapping his arms around Rihanna, 26, and giving her a sweet kiss on the cheek.

She looked so into him, closing her eyes and really enjoying the romantic moment. In a different pic, the 26-year-old “Monster” singer was shown looking lovingly into her boyfriend’s eyes. They’re obviously crazy about each other!

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