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Kanye West: Why He Doesn’t Want To Invite Oprah To His Wedding

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kikKanye isn’t taking any chances. The rapper wants his wedding to be ALL about him and Kim, so Oprah may be getting left off the guest list, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

First he’s jealous of Kim Kardashian‘s business relationship with Chris Brown. Now, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Kanye West is thinking about uninviting Oprah Winfrey (is that even allowed?) to his Paris wedding because he doesn’t want the media queen to overshadow him and Kim.

Kanye West Thinking About Uninviting Oprah Winfrey To His Wedding

The 36-year-old rapper is preparing to marry the love of his life Kim, 33, in a lavish ceremony that will take place in Paris on May 24. And because Kanye wants all eyes on him and Kim — the bride and the groom — he feels threatened that Lady O will steal some of the spotlight if she’s present.

“He really thinks Oprah’s going to steal the show and the guests will all be talking about her and what she’s wearing and trying to get their picture taken with her as opposed to being there, witnessing his marriage to Kim and celebrating them as a couple,” a source close to the engaged couple EXCLUSIVELY

Kanye West Doesn’t Want Kim Kardashian To ‘Lift A Finger’ Until After Wedding

Meanwhile, Kanye is insisting that Kim kick back and relax and do absolutely nothing until after they’re married.

“Kanye isn’t bothering Kim with any last-minute changes,” the source reveals. “He wants her to focus on looking her best, decide on how she’s wearing her hair, all that. He doesn’t want her worrying about anything or lifting a finger at this point in the game. He’s taking control while Kim’s on cruise control.”

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