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Rihanna Dumped By Drake? — Her Shocking Response

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rs_560x415-140309180140-1024.Drake-Rihanna-jmd-030914Rihanna is fighting back after a shocking new report claimed that Drake had dumped her for another woman. Drake absolutely did NOT ‘disrespect’ RiRi like that — and he never would, a source close to the ‘Diamonds’ singer tells EXCLUSIVELY.

The new report in question claimed that Drake had kicked Rihanna off of his European tour to get back together with his other on-again, off-again love interest, Winta’nna – but our source tells a very different story.

Drake & Rihanna Break Up? — She Wasn’t Really Dumped By Him

For your information, MediaTakeout, Drake did NOT diss or dump RiRi.

The Barbadian beauty actually left Drake’s tour to do her own thing — but that doesn’t mean that she and Drizzy are parting ways.

“Drake is one of the nicest, most respectful and gentle men she’s ever met and no, hell to the naw, he didn’t say or do anything like that to her,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s got biz to attend to and will be with him when she’s all done and that’s the truth.”

Well, that makes more sense. We definitely had our doubts that Drake would dump Rihanna after pursuing her for so many years. Plus, sources have told repeatedly how infatuated he is with her. We should have known that Rihanna was just busy doing her.

“Unlike most b**ches, Rihanna has a million things to do, a million things to see, and millions of dollars to make,” the source adds. “And she wishes the b**ch or b**ches who are saying Drake disrespected her would shut up.” Amen, RiRi!

Drake Dumps Rihanna For “Acting Up” On Tour

After Drake introduced RiRi as his girlfriend on March 13 in London, which learned EXCLUSIVELY, MediaTakeout reported that he dumped her five days later for his longtime go-to girl Winta’nna.

After Rihanna left Drake’s tour, Winta’nna’s Instagram gave some serious clues suggesting that she had joined Drizzy on tour! One pic showed the London beauty wearing the same St. Patrick’s Day shirt as Drizzy, and in another pic, Winta’nna bragged about being flown to Ireland on a private jet, the same day Drake was in Ireland. That’s all well and good, but now we know that Drake only has eyes for RiRi!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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