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Justin Bieber: The 10 Sweetest Things He’s Ever Done For Selena Gomez

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selenaSay what you want about Justin, but he can totally be a model boyfriend when he wants! From the time he and Selena started dating to their reunion in March 2014, the Biebs has made some grand gestures to Selena that would make any girl’s heart melt.

It may seem hard for outsiders like us to believe, but there’s a reason Selena Gomez is so eternally in love with Justin Bieber. As we’ve seen from the time Justin and Selena started dating to their most recent reunion, this guy knows how to throw out a compliment — and he knows how to put on a romantic date even better!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: The Most Romantic Gestures He’s Made

Many of you may be asking why Selena agreed to reunite with Justin on March 7, but we know the two reasons — flattery and flowers.

The Biebs started his “win back Selena” campaign on March 3 when he posted a picture of Selena from the Vanity Fair post-Oscars party the night before along with the caption, “Most elegant princess in the world.” That’s something a girl is never not going to want to hear.

Justin kept the romantic shmoozing flowing after that by then reportedly sending Selena $10,000 worth of flowers. Selena must have been swimming in bouquets! And she must have liked it, because five days later, she and JB were making out in the dark at a laser tag arena.

Justin Bieber’s Romantic Past

But the Casanova instincts Justin has exhibited in the past week pale in comparison to the things he did at the peak of their relationship in 2011. Let’s run it down with a sweet, romantic list:

– Justin posted a pic of himself and Selena with a bunch of cute little kids and the caption, “Brangelina 2.0″ in Sept. 20

– Justin rented out a movie theater for Selena and called her his “bestie” in Oct. 2011

– Then in Nov. 2011, he called her his “Christmas love,” supported her as she hosted the EMAs, called her “perfectly perfect,” and told Ellen DeGeneres that Selena’s most kissable parts are her cheeks

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