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Kim Kardashian Narrowly Escapes Harrowing Car Crash

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kimKim Kardashian narrowly escaped from a car crash in Beverly Hills, on Mar. 11. She was driving her trade mark black SUV when she collided with an oncoming vehicle.

Kim Kardashian, 33, escaped from a car crash on Mar. 11 after an oncoming vehicle and her black Mercedes collided while was turning at an intersection.

Kim Escapes From Car Wreck

Kim managed to get herself into a huge car crash near the Beverly Hills Hotel on Mar. 11. While in her trademark black Mercedes, she collided with an oncoming car upon turning at an intersection, reports TMZ.

Kim was tooling around in her G Wagon on Sunset Blvd according to a TMZ source. Supposedly, she was turning left at an intersection, and the other driver was going in the opposite direction with his right turn signal on.

An  eyewitness reported to TMZ that the driver did not make the turn they were supposed to make and continued going straight. The end result was an inevitable collision between Kim and the other driver.

Both cars were damaged but no one was ticked as police never showed up on the scene. The damage to Kim’s car was primarily around the front driver’s side of the vehicle. The damage to the other car involved in the accident has not been revealed.

Kim and the other driver were later spotted driving their cars to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where they exchanged insurance info.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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