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Rihanna: Why She’s Not Worried About Drake Cheating Rumors

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drakRihanna is not sweating the small stuff when it comes to her suspected romance with Drake. A source close to RiRi revealed to EXCLUSIVELY that the diva and Drake are just fine even though there have been rumors that Drake is hooking up with other women.

Rihanna, 26, is not worried about rumors of possible boyfriend/friend Drake hooking up with other women. The pop diva says that her and Drake “do what they do” and have fun, a source close to RiRi revealed EXCLUSIVELY to

Rihanna — Why She’s Not Sweating Drake Having Other Women

Rihanna’s train is still on the tracks and is in no way being thrown off by Drake seeing other women, a source revealed exclusively to

“My girl is fine and really her jealous — ha, that’s the funniest thing ever,” the source revealed to exclusively. “Drake has a lot of female friends who are in his circle — Rihanna’s not tripping.”

The source later went on to reveal that Drake and Rihanna are still “tight” and will remain that way even if  other women occasionally pop up on the scene.

“They are friends first and no matter where the chips fall — they’ll
always be friends first — no female can break up their friendship,” the source said.

Drake & Rihanna Still Friends After Cheating Rumors

Drake and Rihanna’s friendship certainly seems stronger than ever. The two were spotted having a romantic sushi dinner in Amsterdam on Mar. 7. The two left the restaurant separately, but they obviously still ate dinner together… alone!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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