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Selena Gomez: ‘Reunited & It Feels So Good’ — Talking Justin Bieber?

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jussssSelena Gomez is feeling good according to her most recent Twitter post. But why all the good vibes all of a sudden, is it because she’s back in Texas, or back with Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez, 21, is feeling all kinds of good recently according to her last Twitter post on Mar. 8. But why all the warm and fuzzy feelings? Justin did tweet on Mar. 9 that he “saw a good show” insinuating maybe that he went to Selena’s concert. So, we here at want to know — is she “feelin good” because she’s back at home in Texas, back with Justin Bieber, or both?

Selena Gomez Is Happy To Be Reunited

Selena seems to be on cloud-nine but the big mystery is why? She recently posted to Twitter that she is “reunited” and that “it feels sooo good.” But is she just talking about being back home in Texas or is she talking about being back with Justin?

The two have been spending massive amounts of time together while Selena’s been performing in her home state.

The couple was spotted having breakfast at Don Pepe’s Restaurant where Justin was definitely “being very attentive” and “kissing” Selena while the two ate, a source revealed exclusively to

Additionally, we learned that Selena and Justin have been getting hot and heavy during Justin’s stay.

“She’s performing for him right now, as we speak,” a source told exclusively. “He’s getting a bunch of private shows for lost time if you know what I mean.”

The on-again-off-again couple was also spotted getting in a little dance practice time at Action Dance Studio. So we are just trying to figure out what else she could be happy about. The answer seems obvious — Selena is happy she got her “Justin time” finally.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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