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Andre Drummond, Justin Bieber & More Bad Hollywood Boyfriends

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lamarFrom Andre’s bad kissing to Justin’s bad everything, there are a few famous guys who we would NOT recommend shacking up with. Here’s our list of Hollywood’s worst boyfriends.

Having a massive bank account and a house in the Hills aren’t the only things you need to be a good boyfriend. Take it from stars like Justin BieberAndre Drummond, and Chris Brown, who have put their girlfriends through all sort of nightmares despite having successful careers.

The Worst Boyfriends In Hollywood: Justin Bieber & More

Justin has millions of girls dying to be his girlfriend, but they may not actually realize what they’d be signing up for. Only Selena Gomez knows. She knows how they’ve broken up and gotten back together multiple times over the past two years; she knows that Justin plays both sides, begging for her forgiveness while partying it up in strip clubs; and she knows that after the last time they tried to reunite, Justin ran off to Miami where he flirted with Chantel Jeffries and got arrested for DUI.

If none of these reasons convince you that the Biebs isn’t the best boyfriend, can you just imagine how mad you’d be if you saw a video of your BF peeing into a restaurant’s mop bucket?

But Justin’s not the only one. John Mayer and Dean McDermott allegedly cheated on Katy Perry and Tori Spelling, respectively, and Lamar Odom destroyed his marriage with Khloe Kardashian because of an alleged drug addiction.

Andre Drummond & Chris: The Best & Worst Of Bad Hollywood Boyfriends

All of the aforementioned guys fall somewhere on the bad boyfriend spectrum – Andre Drummond and Chris Brown are the two extremes. Andre wasn’t a good enough lover for Jennette McCurdy, who slammed his kissing skills in an interview in March 2014. Kissing poorly isn’t exactly the most egregious thing a boyfriend can do, but it’s enough to get him on this list.

And then there’s Chris. The R&B singer landed himself on this list on Feb. 8. 2009, when he assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna before the Grammys. To be fair, Chris has seemed to make strides over the years in terms of anger management (he’s still making them), but unfortunately that 2009 incident forever cemented his place here. There’s no arguing that.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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