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Justin Bieber Tweets He’s ‘Loving Life’ — Did Selena Gomez Take Him Back?

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3c6c702aa2e911e3bc0312a9ca7b08c1_8Could Jelena be back together?! On March 4, the ‘Confident’ singer tweeted about how happy he was — and knows he’s been trying to get Selena back!

Justin Bieber was extremely bummed out that he didn’t get to see Selena Gomez on his 20th birthday, but now he’s tweeting about how much he loves life! While we know that Sel has been considering getting back together with Justin, it wouldn’t be very surprising if he did finally win her back — and that’s why he is now “loving life.”\

Justin Bieber ‘Loving Life’ — With Selena Gomez?

On March 4, Justin tweeted that he was “loving life,” and we can’t help but wonder if Selena is back in it! After she missed his small birthday bash in the Bahamas, learned that he was absolutely heartbroken.

“Justin flew to the Bahamas on his birthday and had a small house party at the place he rented. His mom, dad, and little brother and sister were also there, along with Ryan Butler and Alfredo Flores. His birthday was pretty low-key,” an insider told exclusively. “That was a wake-up call for Justin; feeling lonely not having Selena around for his big day. And now he’s doing whatever he can to win her back.”

Instead, Selena was enjoying herself in L.A. — and hitting up Oscars after parties with her BFFs Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens.

Justin Thinks Selena Is ‘The Most Elegant Princess’

The day after the Oscars, we all saw pics of how stunning Selena looked — and Justin clearly did too – he captioned the below photo with “Most elegant princess in the world.”

After knowing how much he loves and misses her — and that she would consider taking him back, we’re thinking his “loving life” tweet was about her!
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