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Justin Bieber Dissed By ‘American Idol’ Contestant MK Nobilette

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jusThe Top 12 performed on last night’s March 5 episode of ‘American Idol,’ and we caught up with MK Nobilette who had some pretty choice words for Justin Bieber!

After a pretty sleepy showing from the Top 12 on last night’s March 5 episode of American Idol, caught up with contestant MK Nobilette — who, dare we say it, kinda dissed Justin Bieber! Read on for what she had to say about her egg-throwing, stripper nipple-biting, Selena-Instagramming superstar doppelganger!

‘American Idol’ Contestant MK Nobilette on Justin Bieber: ‘I Don’t Look Like Him, He Looks Like Me’

Post-show, told 20-year-old MK Nobilette that her John Travolta-fied name would be “Matt Nasheen” and asked her how she would feel if John Travolta messed up her name. Here’s what she had to say:

That’s interesting, that is not my name! (Laughter) I would really have to ask Jena how that feels because everyone messes up her name. She is definitely the one to ask. People don’t really pronounce my name wrong as there is really no pronouncing of MK unless you are kind of dumb! (Laughter) But people do joke about it… I get M’Kayyyy. Or I get MK Ultra. Or Michael Kors or Justin Bieber!

We asked her which nickname she hates the most, and she said “Justin Bieber — because I don’t look like him, he looks like me! (Laughter) I looked like this before him!” Well, they’re both 20 years old! Pics of MK looking like JB before JB looked like JB or it didn’t happen!

‘American Idol’ Contestant MK Nobilette on Justin Bieber: ‘I Don’t Drive Under The Influence’

“Bitch stole your look,” one reporter told MK, to which she responded, “Right, I am like damn! Plus, I don’t drive under the influence, I don’t… never mind, I won’t go there… I don’t skateboard under the influence, either.”

Shots fired!

OK, so maybe MK dissed the Biebs a tiny bit — he’s a pretty polarizing figure, after all! That said, as far as disses against Bieber go, let’s be honest — could have been worse. And she’s just having fun! Besides, we don’t think JB will be sweating it.

MK’s performance of “Drops of Jupiter” last night wasn’t the best showing we’ve seen from her, but she definitely still deserves another go at the Idol crown!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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