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Selena Gomez: Taking Justin Bieber Back After ‘Princess’ Instagram?

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jusJustin showed his millions of Instagram followers how much Selena still means to him when he described his ex-girlfriend as the ‘most elegant princess in the world.’ can now EXCLUSIVELY reveal how the ‘Come and Get It’ singer felt about the Beibs’ heartfelt post.

Can we say flattered? That’s how Selena Gomez felt after reading Justin Bieber‘s sweet Instagram post complimenting her on her glamorous Oscars look. “This is the Justin she would go back to,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. Sounds like there’s still hope for Jelena after all!

Can Justin Bieber Win Over Selena Gomez? — They Can Get Back Together For Good

On March 3, Justin Instagrammed and tweeted a stunning photo of Selena at an Oscars party alongside the caption: ”Most elegant princess in the world.” So what went through the “Slow Down” singer’s mind when she found out about the posts?

“Selena has seen what Justin tweeted about her and thought it was really sweet. This is the Justin she would go back to, but she knows too well that it’s not realistic. He says he’s going to do this and that and begs for her to come back, but then his actions end up not matching his words,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

So would the famous brunette beauty ever consider taking Justin back?

“Selena would go back with Justin, but it would take a lot of convincing. So far, she isn’t sold and she doesn’t want the emotional roller coaster stress and drama, and heartache,” the insider explains.

We definitely can’t blame Selena for being cautious. Her first priority should be her own emotional health.

Justin’s Lonely Bahamas Birthday

As previously reported, Justin celebrated his 20th birthday in the Bahamas with his family and some close friends — but the one person he was missing the most was Selena.

“Justin flew to the Bahamas on his birthday and had a small house party at the place he rented. His mom, dad, and little brother and sister were also there, along with Ryan Butler and Alfredo Flores. His birthday was pretty low-key,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “That was a wake-up call for Justin; feeling lonely not having Selena around for his big day. And now he’s doing whatever he can to win her back.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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