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Chris Brown: How He Really Feels About Rihanna & Drake’s Romance

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krisThe battle over Queen RiRi continues, with Drizzy seeming to take the lead as Breezy lingers on the sidelines. But with all of his anger issues, how is Chris taking this while being on the outside looking in? Surprisingly, pretty well!

The love triangle that is Chris Brown, Drake and Rihanna has always been cause for jealousy and drama. (Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want RiRi as their ultimate prize?) But this time around, Chris seems to be taking a vastly chill approach in comparison to the past when it comes to an impending Rihanna-Drake romance rekindling. Looks like rehab has done him good!

Chris Brown On Drake & Rihanna Romance — Why He Doesn’t Care

It really is refreshing seeing 24-year-old Breezy — who has struggled so seriously with anger management in the past — taking the high road and staying out of the “Take Care” duo’s personal life, which, as we know, has recently been heating up.

Instead of dwelling on their romance, Chris has put his mind on his money and is focusing on his career, according to TMZ. He is planning a major comeback and has no time to sweat the small things, even if in the past, something like this would have probably launched him into orbit.

This is very mature behavior for Chris, proving — fingers crossed — that his most recent 90-day stint in rehab gave him the help and strength he needed to overcome his anger and harness it into something positive.

Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Unfollow Each Other On Twitter

We all know that you have to be able to take care of yourself before you take care of others, and although a source close to Chris warned EXCLUSIVELY to be wary of rumors of a Chris/Karrueche Tran split, as of Mar. 3, the pair are no longer following each other on Twitter, which is probably a genuine sign that something is rotten in the state of Chris-Karrueche land.

While a breakup is almost always sad news, especially considering how much Karrueche has been there for Breezy throughout their tumultuous time together, the truth is that Chris probably needs alone time right about now — and we are proud of him forFollow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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