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Valeria Lukyanova: ‘Human Barbie’ Says She Doesn’t Need Food Or Water

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valeria-lukyanova-human-barbie-says-she-doesnt-need-food-or-water-ftr1Well this is an interesting life choice. The Ukrainian model, Barbie doll look-alike, revealed in a shocking interview that she’s well on her way to being able to subsist solely on air and light.

Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova had some shocking things to say in a new interview, admitting that she hasn’t eaten in weeks and is almost able to subsist solely on air and light. Would you expect anything less from a life-sized version of a Barbie doll?


Valeria Lukyanova: Model No Longer Eating

Many people have accused Valeria of Photoshopping her pictures to get those doll-like proportions, but her scary, miniscule waistline may be from all that eating she’s NOT doing.

“In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all,” the human Barbie told the International Business Times. “I’m hoping it’s the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone.”

Valeria’s no water, no food diet is part of her philosophy as a member of Breatharianism, a cult-like sect that she’s allegedly part of. The sect advocates living without food and water, and subsisting solely on what they call “cosmic micro-food.”

The Human Barbie’s Odd Confessions

If you can believe it, this isn’t the first time the human Barbie has made grandly weird confessions about her life.

Valeria has also declared that she is a spiritual teacher who can speak with aliens through light (clearly, light is an important part of her life). She also believes she’s from another planet and that she has the ability to time travel have out-of-body experiences.

We… we don’t really even know what else to say, except that we hope Valeria is sneaking some cubes of cheese or something in between her doses of light and air.valeria-lukyanova-human-barbie-13 valeria-lukyanova-human-barbie-11 valeria-lukyanova-human-barbie-19Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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