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Harry Styles Dissing Kendall Jenner: Not Returning Calls Or Texts

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kanHarry Styles is letting the phone ring when it comes to his ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner. Reportedly, the One Direction singer has not been returning Kendall’s calls or text messages, and Kendall just doesn’t know what to do.

Harry Styles, 20, and Kendall Jenner’s relationship has come and gone but the worst part about the break up is that Harry is not returning 18-year-old Kendall’s calls or text messages.

Harry Styles Dissing Kendall Jenner — Refusing To Return Phone Calls

Harry and Kendall have said goodbye to their relationship after only three months of dating and the breakup hasn’t been pretty. Harry has repeatedly dissed Kendall by refusing to return her phone calls or text messages now that the two are no longer together, a source close Kendall revealed to In Touch.

Kendall is beside herself as a result of the distance and lack of communication between her and Harry. The source said Kendall’s “heartbroken” and has repeatedly called big sis Khloe in tears.

In an even bigger slap in the face to Kendall, Harry has said that the two of them could still hang out if Kendall wanted, but again refused to return her calls or text messages.

Harry Styles Avoiding Kendall Jenner

Things got pretty awkward when both Harry and Kendall showed up to see Miley Cyrus’ concert at the Staples Center in LA on Feb. 22.

“Kendall looked really upset when she left the show,” the source said. But Harry was said to have “looked energized” according to an eyewitness at the concert, reports In Touch.

Seems like Harry has moved on and left Kendall to pick up the pieces. Maybe one day he’ll stop dissing her and pick up the phone.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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