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Drake Cares About Rihanna ‘Like You Wouldn’t Believe’

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drDrake’s love for Rihanna goes much deeper than we ever imagined! Not only does he think she’s an all-around amazing woman, but he even calls her a special name that very few do, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Rihanna may seem edgy and unattainable, but Drake knows the real RiRi beyond her public image. ”He sees her heart and her soul,” a source reveals to EXCLUSIVELY. Aww! Who knew Drake was such a hopeless romantic?

Drake Cares About Rihanna ‘Like You Wouldn’t Believe’

Drake, 27, knows Rihanna, 26, has been through hell and back with her ex Chris Brown. That’s why he makes it a point to treat her like the goddess that she is, and to always show her how much she means to him.

“He cares about her like you wouldn’t believe,” a source connected to the flirtatious couple EXCLUSIVELY reveals to “He doesn’t want to see his good friend hurt or in pain. He wants her to be that ‘diamond in the sky’ she sings about.”

Wow! Drake definitely has a way with words — no wonder Rihanna couldn’t resist his charms!

“He thinks she’s beautiful, just like the words that come out of her mouth,” the source adds. “He takes her and her work seriously.”

Drake Doesn’t Call Rihanna By Her Stage Name

We’re going to give Drake some cool points right here because we’ve also learned that he doesn’t call Rihanna by her stage name. He’s one of the few people who refers to her by her given name, Robyn, and we’re told she LOVES it!

“When they’re together he calls her Robyn,” the source reveals. “He knows her on a much deeper level. She’s special. He sees her heart and her soul and sees her for who she is as a woman and a person, not for the image that she has to publicly portray.”

Swoon! It sounds like RiRi really brings out the romantic in Drake. So HollywoodLifers, do YOU think Rihanna should get serious with Drake? Let us know!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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