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13 Times Kendall Jenner was the Best Kardashian

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She may only be half a Kardashian, but at 18-years-old Kendall Jenner, the runway model, is the most accomplished and our favorite of all the Kardashians.

1. When she sat next to Anna Wintour like a true boss.

2. When she walked in the Marc Jacobs fashion show and didn’t give a sh*t that her n*ps were out.

3. When she dated the second most famous man (no disrespect to Kanye West) anyone in her family ever dated.

4. When Vogue magazine featured her on their Instagram.

5. When she was just an overall really dope, real model.

6. When she and her sister Kylie wrote a book.

7. When she walked in the same fashion show as CARA DELEVINGNE.

8. When she was all over The Love magazine’s Instagram account, in the name of FASHION!

9. When she collaborated with Steve Madden on a shoe collection!

10. When she and Kylie Jenner designed a collection for Pac Sun.

11. When she rejected her mother’s plans to throw an over-the-top 16th birthday party in favor of something low-key.

12. When she spoke THA TRUTH.

13. When she had unique hobbies.


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