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Selena Gomez: Why She’s Still Drinking After Her Rehab Visit

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mmmmSelena doesn’t have a problem with alcohol — or at least that’s what she thinks. After spending 14 days of a 45-day program at an Arizona rehab facility, the singer left early and has learned exclusively that she doesn’t think her drinking is a big deal.

Staff at the Arizona rehab facility reportedly feel that Selena Gomez didn’t get the help she needed during her brief stay at rehab, but she won’t be going back any time soon.

Selena Gomez — Does She Have A Drinking Problem?

Multiple reports claim that Selena went to rehab for alcohol, drug and prescription pill addiction, but if that’s true, that doesn’t mean Selena believes it.

On Feb. 17, Selena and her friend went out to dinner and they shared a picture drinking what looked like cocktails. “Extra whip cream please! Dessert before dinner. Duh.” she captioned it.

It’s no surprise that she’s still drinking though, a source close to the “Come & Get It” singer told exclusively.

“Of course she still drinks, she never thought she had a problem and still doesn’t think she has a problem,” the source said. “It’s a classic case of a person who has a problem who doesn’t think they have a problem. Her and Justin [Bieber] have the same vices and delusions that they are OK and won’t listen to people that are trying to get them help. It’s very sad.”

Selena Gomez Won’t Return To Rehab Facility

Even if she doesn’t realize she has a problem, that doesn’t mean she’ll be heading back in.

“She will not return to rehab now that everyone knows she went to rehab,” another source close to her told us. “Her team had hoped that if they revealed that she sought treatment, that she would consider returning but it actually worked the opposite. She is going against her family and friends’ advice, which she always does, and she will not get the help she needs. This is the perfect example of how an addict treats recovery. It’s a process that Selena’s team is prepared to battle alongside her.”

While she won’t go back, don’t expect her to be seeing Justin — her team’s not allowing it!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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