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‘Little Couple’ Stars — Meet Our Adopted Daughter From India

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cifti‘Little Couple’ stars Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are thrilled to introduce their adopted daughter, 2-year-old Zoey, to the world. The reality couple also open up about the tragic cancer diagnosis Jennifer received while in the process of adopting Zoey from India.

Dr. Jennifer Arnold and her husband Bill Klein could not have been happier to welcome a second adopted child into their family. However, what should have been an exciting trip to pick up their daughter Zoey from an orphanage in India turned worrisome when Jennifer was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Dr. Jennifer Arnold & Bill Klein Introduce Daughter Zoey

It’s a girl for 39-year-old couple Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein! The Little Couple family happily welcomed 2-year-old Zoey into the family through adoption, joining their also adopted 3-year-old son, Will. Zoey is quite the cutie, and People has the first exclusive photos of her with her new family.

“[Zoey] is a very strong personality,” Jennifer told People with a laugh during an exclusive interview for their . “She is a happy girl.”

Adoption & Cancer Diagnosis Will Feature On ‘Little Couple’

Tragedy struck during Jennifer and Bill’s October 2013 trip to India to pick up their daughter, Zoey. After experiencing severe bleeding during the trip, Jennifer was transported back to  Houston, Texas where she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer: uterine cancer. Shortly after returning from India, Jennifer underwent four months of extensive chemotherapy before announcing that she was finally in remission.

Little Couple, which returns to TLC on Mar. 4 at 10pm, will feature Jennifer and Bill’s first moments with Zoey, as well as Jennifer’s cancer struggle.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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