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Kim Kardashian: Has She Gotten Butt Injections?

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kimmKim Kardashian’s rear is not the only thing that has been growing lately, so have suspicions! Sources tell Closer magazine the reality star is not as ‘au naturale’ as she may claim.

Kim Kardashian, 33, has gone to great lengths to prove to the world that she does not have butt implants. This may be true, but is the story the same for butt injections? “Kim hasn’t had implants. She’s had the fat from her tummy and thighs taken out by lipo, then injected into her bottom,” a source tells Closer magazine. What do YOU think?

Kim Kardashian Butt Implants? — Has She Injected Fat Into Her Bottom?

Kim must have thought she squashed all talk of her altered behind when she got x-rays to prove she didn’t have implants, but speculations have risen once again!

Sure, scans can show that no implants are present, but that isn’t at all proof that the famous booty is natural. It’s possible that Kim may have had augmentation surgery that involves injecting fat taken from other parts of the body and injected it into her butt. Friends say that the new mom has always been obsessed with her backside, so could the allegations be true?

“She’s always been obsessed with her bottom, and friends think she had a top-up treatment on it since giving birth,” the source told the British magazine. “On a good day she loves her bum and boobs, but some days she wishes she was taller and slimmer.”

Kim K’s Butt Surgery

If Kim getting this treatment is true, she’s definitely not alone in this plastic surgery trend. It’s commonly called the “Brazilian Fill” or Buttock Augmentation, and it’s becoming more common. Exotic dancers and everyday women alike are wanting to be slim yet curvaceous and are achieving it with this liposuction and injection procedure.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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