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Justin Bieber: Why He’s Not Worried About Selena Gomez & Niall Horan

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selenaEven though Selena flew to London to go on a date with Niall, can tell you that this won’t change Justin’s feelings for Selena!

Justin Bieber is totally aware that the love of his life, Selena Gomez, just went on a date with Niall Horan! told you he’s not happy about it but he’s not going to let their hookup get in the way of winning her back!

Justin Bieber — Why He’s Not Worried About Selena Gomez’s Hookup

Even though Selena spent the weekend with the One Direction star, it doesn’t change the fact that Justin is madly in love with her.

“I don’t think he’ll be to upset about it because he knows that he can get her anytime he wants,” the insider tells us. “He wears the pants ultimately in this complicated situation between them two.”

Another source echoed these sentiments and said that Jelena are not over!

“No one thinks this is over for good between them,” the source told us. “The attraction and history between them is just too intense.”

Justin: Feels Dissed By Selena Gomez

But one thing is for sure, he feels like Selena did this to deliberately hurt him.

“Justin feels like Selena is totally dissing him by hooking up with Niall,” an insider tells us. ”He has a double standard. It’s alright if he hooks up with other people, but not if Selena does.”

But we told you that Selena told Justin that if he didn’t reach out to her on Valentine’s Day, then all bets were off.

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