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Justin Bieber Upset Selena Gomez Dissed Him With Niall Horan Hookup

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jusIt’s no secret that Justin has been hooking up with other girls, so it’s rather bizarre that the singer would be so upset with Selena’s decision to get romantic with the 1D singer. Regardless, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that the Biebs is regretting how he pushed Selena away by not reaching out to her on Valentine’s Day.

If Selena Gomez was trying to make Justin Bieber jealous by hooking up with One Direction‘s Niall Horan on her current trip to London, she certainly succeeded. The bad boy is furious and feels majorly dissed by the beautiful brunette, an insider reveals to EXCLUSIVELY, and he’s also “terrified of ultimately losing the best thing that ever happened to him”.


Justin Bieber: Feels Dissed By Selena Gomez

Now Justin knows how Selena may have been feeling for the past few months, while he cozied up to so many people. Is he really angry or is his ego just bruised?

“Justin feels like Selena is totally dissing him by hooking up with Niall,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. ”He has a double standard. It’s alright if he hooks up with other people, but not if Selena does.”

Perhaps Justin should have made more of an effort on Valentine’s Day?

“He really didn’t think Selena would make such a big deal out of not getting any Valentine’s Day gift for him,” the source explains. “Yes, now he regrets not reaching out to her. He’s going to act like the hook-up between Selena and Niall wasn’t a big deal, but deep down he is totally bummed. She is still the love of his life.”

Justin better play his cards straight if he ever wants Selena back in his life!

Justin Bieber Disses Selena Gomez With No Valentine’s Day Call

As previously reported, Selena gave Justin an ultimatum: reach out to me on Valentine’s Day or we are over!  “A Valentine’s Day diss will just be the last straw,” another source told us EXCLUSIVELY. Apparently the singer wasn’t joking!

What so YOU think HollywoodLifers, should Justin reach out to Selena as soon as possible? Are YOU surprised he was so upset about Selena’s hook up with Niall?

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