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Harry Styles Caught Flirting With Sky Ferreira: Cheating On Kendall Jenner?

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kandellMaybe Harry and Kendall aren’t as committed as we thought? A new report claims that even though Kendall’s in London, the 1D singer was spotted cozying up to Miley Cyrus’ BFF instead on Feb. 16.

Could Harry Styles be playing Kendall Jenner? Even though she flew to London to reportedly help plan a belated birthday for the One Direction singer, a new report claims that he was out playing the field on Feb. 16, and was getting pretty flirty with Miley Cyrus‘ friend Sky Ferreira in particular.


Harry Styles Caught Flirting With Sky Ferreira

Harry was out partying at Soho hot spot The Box in London when he bumped into Sky, according to The Mirror, and the two reportedly immediately hit it off. “The two of them were together for most of the night and seemed all over each other — whispering in each other’s ears and giggling.”

Giggling!? Harry, you’re only supposed to be giggling with Kendall — and she’s in London too, for Pete’s sake! The source continues: “Harry and Sky left at the same time and looked very merry — they were stumbling down the stairs.”

Along with Sky, Harry’s party group also included another former flame, Cara Delevingne.

Harry Styles Cheating On Kendall Jenner?

This can’t make Kendall too happy. Not only may Harry be playing her, but if he is, he’s doing it right under her nose, while she’s in London for Fashion Week.

And what makes Harry’s flirting look even worse is that Kendall has reportedly been planning a thoughtful, belated blow-out party for Harry’s 20th birthday. “[She’s] throwing Harry a belated 2oth birthday party,” a source told Mail Online. “It’s a sign of how far their relationship has come that she and Nick Grimshaw, one of Harry’s closest friends, are doing it together.”

Unfortunately, Harry may have gone and messed it all up by cozying up to Sky. He better hope he has a good excuse for this!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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