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Miley Cyrus Kicks Off Bangerz Tour, Enters on a Tongue Slide and Wears Marijuana Leotard—See the Pics!

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rs_634x1024-140215091735-634.Miley-Cyrus-Bangerz-4-jmd-021514_copyMiley Cyrus kicked off her highly anticipated Bangerz tour in Vancouver on Valentine’s Day and as expected, it was quite a spectacle.

The 21-year-old pop star grinned widely as she made her big entrance to the crowd on—what else—a large tongue slide. The songbird’s first costume was a bright red two-piece ensemble, a red and white feather boa, white cowboy boots and a Chanel fanny pack.

Cyrus danced and twerked throughout the show and was joined by a group of backup dancers. In true Miley fashion, she stuck out her tongue as she groped and slapped her onstage entourage.

The fans were treated to an action-packed, and somewhat naughty show, which featured a foam finger (sound familiar?) and a car center stage.

Cyrus rode a giant hot dog in a bright yellow fluffy floor-length coat and also broke out the funny fake teeth with a patriotic cowboy get-up.

The blond beauty changed outfits several times, including a daring high-slit thong leotard with glittery marijuana leaves. She also slithered around on the floor, which was covered in fake dollar bills.

Before she hit the stage, Cyrus tweeted that she had some pre-show nerves.

“I don’t know if it’s Valentines Day or #BangerzTour but I’m most definitely having a panic attack,” she wrote.

No sign of any jitters in these photographs!

Cyrus is off on Saturday night and she will take the stage in Tacoma, WA on Sunday.rs_1024x759-140215091617-1024.Miley-Cyrus-Bangerz-jmd-021514 rs_1024x759-140215110112-1024.Miley-Cyrus-Bangerz-5-jmd-021514_copy_2 rs_634x1024-140215091614-634.Miley-Cyrus-Bangerz-2-jmd-021514 rs_1024x759-140215091825-1024.Miley-Cyrus-Bangerz-3-jmd-021514Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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