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Kristen Stewart Sent Robert Pattinson Sweet Valentine’s Day Selfies

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robRob and Kristen might not be able to spend Valentine’s Day together but that doesn’t mean they aren’t celebrating the romantic holiday! K-Stew sent her one true love some ‘cute’ pics of herself cuddling with their pups Bear, Bernie and Bailey, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

It can be really hard to express your true feelings when you’re in a long-distance relationship like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are. Kristen figured the best way to say “I love you” to Rob was with some silly selfies of her smiling face. So cute!

Kristen Stewart’s Valentine’s Day Selfies To Robert Pattinson: Still In Love

Kristen wants her beautiful face fresh in Rob’s mind on Valentine’s Day! The Camp X-Ray star has never been the romantic type, but she found her own special way to show Rob how much she cares.

“Kristen sent Rob some really cute photos of Bear, Bernie and Bailey all cuddling, along with some silly selfies,” a friend of Kristen’s tells exclusively. “Kristen and Rob have never gotten into the whole Valentine’s Day thing too seriously, but they have always made a point to do something for each other. Kristen likes to keep it light and fun, and Rob has always been a bit more traditional and romantic.”

Opposites really do attract! Rob and Kristen may have different ways of expressing their feelings for each other, but one thing’s for certain — they’re totally “crazy about each other!”

“It’s really sweet because it’s a testament that they both are still crazy about each other,” the source says. “On the most romantic day of the year, they are thinking about each other.”

Robert Pattinson Sends Flowers To Kristen Stewart

Rob made sure Kristen felt loved on Valentine’s Day by sending her a bouquet of beautiful flowers, even though he’s halfway across the globe in Morocco!

“Rob is good with stuff like that,” a source told exclusively. “He has sisters that trained him well. He wanted to make sure that Kristen knows she still matters to him.”

What a sweet guy! Rob and K-Stew have been separated both physically and emotionally for some time thanks to his filming schedule, so little gestures like this must mean the world to her.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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